Our Guidelines

With our films, we cultivate a realistic social discussion. We consider that the involvement of our partners, clients and business associates in a constructive dialogue and fair collaboration is central, so that, together, we can prepare the best possible product.

In documentary films, we adhere to the guidelines for declarations of the duties and rights of journalists.

The Style: Rough Communications

We communicate without frills, with passion and honesty. We raise topics that are delicate, or don't normally get discussed, without losing the ability to see the whole picture, political correctness, or our independence. This is, what theme-centered communication is about. We apply our communications style towards our clients in the same manner as with our communications media. We believe in the power of constructive film making, and so remain always challenging, moving and comprehensive.

The Medium: Friction Films

We position ourselves through the medium of film, to present topics comprehensively and to underpin them with facts. Documentary films can reach and influence a large audience. Film can irritate, surprise and agitate, but should, above all, inform and offer emotional access to the topic. By means of the Internet, we network all of the participants and so enable a qualified exchange. Unbiased consultation and protection of content in all channels of distribution are ensured by us.

The Strategy: Clash Consulting

The core of our business is small or large film projects. They should sensitise the topics and initiate open discussion. With passion for the subject matter we build a solid foundation for argument. We apply the basis with clean, analytic and researched facts and arguments. The theme dictates the direction. An independent, journalistic attitude describes the basic principles of our work.